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SPICE of Life Mirror FAN-bulous Black

SPICE of Life Mirror FAN-bulous Black

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Mirror FAN-bulous from Japanese grocery brand SPICE of Life features a softly curved effortless design that can be carried around like a makeup.
Two mirrors unfolded, one is a normal mirror, the other is a double magnifying glass
There are two modes of LED light, one is full light and the other is flashing light, which can be used to ensure safety when walking on the street at night
The fan comes in three strengths
Low noise
Extremely lightweight, only about 110g
Brand story
A miscellaneous goods brand from Japan SPICE of Life is a comprehensive brand that provides a variety of food, clothing, and travel products, hoping to bring guests a feeling of happiness, joy, fashion, cuteness, and desire!
At the same time, we also hope to bring guests topics that are instantly touched in ordinary life!
Product Specification
Product size: φ78mm H38mm
Unit weight: 113 g
Package weight: 170g
- Main body: ABS resin, polycarbonate
- Blade: Polypropylene
- Mirror: Non-Cheng Steel
- Magnifier: Glass
- Neck strap: nylon
- Input: DC 5V 1.0A (USB battery Type-C)
- Rechargeable battery (built-in): Li-polymer battery 3.7V, 1000mAh
1 Year
For any inquiries, please contact Falcom Faith Holdings Limited.
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